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Danish Seed Savers

Foreningen Frøsamlerne

The Danish Seed Savers Association is working  to preserve the diversity of cultural plants. Its members volunteer to research, collect,  describe, and preserve  local plant genetic resources, threatened by extinction. Their preservation is promoted through  cultivation and propagation of seeds by  members of the association, trained to  select  and store top-quality  seeds from open-pollinated varieties.
Members' gardens thus compose  home for  a large decentralized gene bank, feeding  the Danish Seed Savers’ own seed collection.
The approximately 1000 members of the association are geographically distributed all over Denmark. Important gatherings to exchange seeds and knowledge between members are regularly organized, contributing to the collective and community aspect of the organization. The association organizes seed swaps, gives free classes about seed saving and the importance of protecting the diversity of plant heritage, as well as conferences about genetic resources. Seeds are primarily to exchange between members, but the association sells heritage seeds to non-members during markets and festivals. These events can be followed on the website and social media, regularly updated. 

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