Position papers

Compatibility of breeding techniques in organic systems (IFOAM Organics International | Position paper | 2017)

Re: High number of patent applications for plants and animals (Eduardo Cuoco, IFOAM EU; Monika Messmer, ECO-PB; Pekka Pesonen, Copa-Cogeca; Christoph Then, No patents on seeds! | Policy letter | 2017)

Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms (IFOAM Organics International | Position paper | 2016)

Motion 51 on Cell FusionMotion 52 on New Breeding Techniques (ECO-PB | IFOAM General Assembly | 2014)

Parliament must stand up for S&PRM law that favours diversity (Marco Schlüter | IFOAM EU | Policy letter | 2013)

Don’t tow corporate line on seed: MEPs must protect public good - Seed is too important to leave it to vested interests (IFOAM EU | Press release | 2013)

Main recommendations from ECO-PB for the revision process of the organic regulation (834/2007) based on the results of the 7th European Workshop on Organic Seed Regulation on the 9th and 10th of October 2013 in Brussels (ECO-PB | 2013)

Towards more crop diversity - adapting market rules for future food security, biodiversity and food culture (IFOAM EU | Position paper on the Revision of the Community Legislation on the Marketing of Seed and Plant Propagating Material | 2013)

Proposals to build more biodiversity within and between varieties for strengthening adaptability to climate change and to meet consumer demands (ECO PB | Position paper of organic breeders in Europe concerning the EU seed law revision process | 2012)

Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB | Position paper | 2012 | English, Français)

Use of organic seed and plant propagation material in Organic Agriculture (IFOAM Organics International | Position paper | 2011)

Proposed EU regulatory framework (ECO-PB | 2009)

Declaration with respect to a proposal for a strategy on how to deal with varieties made by cell fusion techniques in organic farming (ECO-PB | 2009)

Protoplast fusion and organic farming (Maaike Raaijmakers | Biologica | 2004)

The reasons for rejecting genetic engineering by the organic movement (Henk Verhoog | Louis Bolk Institute | 2003)

In addition to Directive 98/95/EC - conservation varieties: some points of interest from an Organic Farming point of view (Edith Lammerts van Bueren and Karl-Josef Müller | ECO-PB | 2002)

Ecological cereal breeding and genetic engineering (Christine Karutz | FiBL | Working paper | 1999 | English, Deutsch)