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About ECO-PB


The European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB) was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting organic plant breeding and building up an independent expertise. As a non-profit association the main purpose is to foster organic agriculture, protect the environment and conserve agrobiodiversity through plant breeding programmes designed specifically for the needs of organic farming systems. Therefore, the main focus areas of the European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB) include:

  • Initiating, supporting and maintaining organic plant breeding programmes
  • Developing and investigating the concepts, scientific basis and financial tools for organic plant breeding
  • Developing and promoting appropriate standards, practice and legal frameworks for organic plant breeding
  • Providing a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience on organic plant breeding to European breeders, farmers, researchers and policy makers, as well as other IFOAM organisations
  • Carrying out meetings and workshops on organic seed and organic plant breeding issues
  • Providing discussion papers on plant breeding issues to support decision making processes


ECO-PB works under the principles of organic agriculture as laid down in the IFOAM Basic Standards and the EU Regulation (EEC) 2092/91 and respects the breeding methods allowed in the IFOAM Position Paper of 2017.

ECO-PB is member of:

  • IFOAM Organics International
  • IFOAM Organics Europe
  • IFOAM Seeds Platform