L'institut de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation biologiques

ITAB, the French organic food and farming institute, aims to connect research activities and stakeholders in order to develop organic agriculture and food systems. Its 3 main activities are networking, research and development, and dissemination (e.g. publications, conferences and workshops, multimedia, trainings).

ITAB has almost 40 years of experience in organic research and developed an expertise in various topics such as organic seeds and plant breeding, livestock, arable crops, horticulture, winegrowing and fruit crops, food quality and processing, crop and animal health.

Over the last 10 years, ITAB developed more than 30 national multi-actor projects (especially through national funding for multi-actor projects in agriculture and innovation). ITAB's website provides a lot of free technical information (e.g. more than 600 technical booklets online). There is currently a 22 full time equivalent staff, mainly composed of engineers.

ITAB has been involved as full member in ECO-PB since the beginning, as one of its founder. It is or was a partner of several EU project dealing with the seed and cultivated biodiversity management issues: LIVESEED (H2020, 2017-2021), DIVERSIFOOD (H2020, 2015-2019), COBRA (CORE Organic II, 2013-2015) and SOLIBAM (FP7, 2007- 2013).