Events and Proceedings

2nd EUCARPIA Workshop: Implementing Plant-Microbe Interactions in Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA, ECO-PB, FiBL, LIVESEED and Austrian Institute of Technology | Proceedings | Tulln an der Donau/Austria | December 2019)

Workshop: Heterogeneous Material and Organic Varieties (LIVESEED, ECO-PB and CPVO | Angers/France | December 2018)

Symposium on Breeding for Diversification (EUCARPIA, ECO-PB, LIVESEED, ReMIX et al. | Abstract booklet by Jelena Baćanović-Šišić, Dominic Dennenmoser and Maria R. Finckh | Kassel/Germany | February 2018)

1st EUCARPIA Workshop: Implementing Plant-Microbe Interaction in Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA, ECO-PB, FiBL and Technical University of Munich | Proceedings | Weihenstephan/Germany | June 2015)

Organic World Congress: Reinvigorating Seeds & Breeds For a More Organic World (IFOAM Organics International | Proceedings | Istanbul/Turkey | 2014)

IFOAM EU Strategy Camp: Evaluation of New Plant Breeding Techniques for Organic Agriculture (IFOAM EU | Presentation by Monika Messmer (FiBL CH) | Brussels/Belgium | October 2014)

EkoSeedForum: European conference on organic seed, organic plant breeding and agrobiodiversity (EkoConnect | Poznan/Poland | March 2014)

European Agriculture and Consumer Policy Conference: EU Seed policy and legislation - Challenges for Producers, Consumers and Citizens - Who will own the seeds? (Demeter International, IFOAM EU, Arche Noah, ECO-PB et al. | Brussels/Belgium | January 2014)

Policy Seminar: A future for diversity in the seed law reform - Plant Breeding for Organic Agriculture - Needs and legislative challenges (FiBL, IFOAM EU and ECO-PB | Presentation by Monika Messmer (FiBL CH) | Brussels/Belgium | November 2013)

7th European Workshop: Organic Seed Regulation (ECO-PB | Brussels/Belgium | October 2013)

10 year's Anniversary Conference: Organic Plant Breeding - What makes the difference? (ECO-PB | Proceedings | Frankfurt/Germany | December 2011)

6th Workshop: EU Organic Seed Regime (ECO-PB and The Organic Research Centre | Report | UK | September 2011)

2nd EUCARPIA Conference of the Organic and Low-Input Agriculture Section: Breeding for resilience - a strategy for organic and low-input farming systems? (EUCARPIA | Proceedings | Paris/France | December 2010)

ECO-PB Workshop: Strategies for a future without cell fusion techniques in varieties applied in Organic Farming (ECO-PB and ITAB | Proceedings | Paris/France | April 2009)

ECO-PB Meeting: International Attuning of the Assortment, Supply and Demand of Organic Seed in vegetable production of North-West Europe (ECO-PB | Report | Warmenhuizen/The Netherlands | September 2008)

COST ACTION 860 - SUSVAR and ECO-PB Workshop: Value for Cultivation an Use testing of organic cereal varieties (COST ACTION 860 - SUSVAR and ECO-PB | Proceedings | Brussels/Belgium | February 2008)

EUCARPIA Symposium: Plant breeding for organic and sustainable, low-input agriculture - dealing with genotype-environment interactions (EUCARPIA, ECO-PB and COST | Book of Abstracts | Wageningen/the Netherlands | November 2007)

ECO-PB International Workshop: Different models to finance plant breeding (ECO-PB | Proceedings | Frankfurt/Germany | February 2007)

4th ECO-PB Workshop: EU Organic Seed Regime - Organic Seed on the Move! (ECO-PB | Warmenhuizen/the Netherlands | September 2006)

ECO-PB Workshop: Participatory Plant Breeding - Relevance for Organic Agriculture? (ECO-PB | Proceedings | La Besse/France | June 2006)

3rd ECO-PB Workshop: EU Organic Seed Regime (ECO-PB | Vienna/Austria | November 2005)

6th Framework Programme: Environmental friendly food production system - requirements for plant breeding and seed production (ENVIRFOOD | Talsia/Lativa | May-June 2005)

COST SUSVAR and ECO-PB Workshop: Organic Plant Breeding Strategies and the Use of Molecular Markers (COST SUSVAR and ECO-PB | Proceedings | Driebergen/the Netherlands | January 2005)

2nd ECO-PB-Workshop: The new Organic Seed Regime (ECO-PB | Report by E.T. Lammerts van Bueren and K.-P. Wilbois | Brussels/Belgium | December 2003)

ECO-PB Workshop: The proposed EC Organic Seed Regime 2004 (ECO-PB | Report by E.T. Lammerts van Bueren and K.-P. Wilbois | Frankfurt/Germany | April 2003)

1st ECO-PB International symposium: Organic seed production and plant breeding - strategies, problems and perspectives (ECO-PB | Proceedings by E.T. Lammerts van Bueren and K.-P. Wilbois | Berlin/Germany | November 2002)