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Louis Bolk Institute

The Louis Bolk Institute is a private research foundation for agro-ecological agriculture, food and human health. An holistic approach and the drive to improve sustainability describes us in a nutshell. Overall fields of expertise range from plant breeding and sustainable (biodynamic, organic and/or agro-ecological) arable and horticultural production, exploring new productions chains, agroforestry, ecological dairy systems, healthy food and complementary health care approaches. In most of our work is carried out in The Netherlands, we gladly participate in European research consortia whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In the area of Breeding & Innovative production chains, our research includes organic potato, cereals and vegetables breeding, developing mixed cropping systems of e.g. cereals and legume crops, developing new production chains for plant protein crops and products, agroforestry systems and region-wide biodiversity enhancement projects, etc., in a participative or multi-actor approach wherever possible and applicable.

Our research is 100% financed on a project basis by European, national, regional and municipal authorities, water councils, NGO's, farmer groups, private enterprises and private funds.

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