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FiBL Switzerland

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

FiBL is dedicated to research and the promotion of organic breeding and follows a system approach. We promote site-adapted breeding in accordance with the guidelines of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ‘IFOAM -  Organics International’ and the ECO-PB. Our research is focusing on plant-microbe interaction and breeding for mixed cropping systems.

FiBL is increasingly seeking cooperation with breeders and organic farmers in order to jointly evaluate and develop varieties. We strengthen competencies for organic breeding in Europe and are actively involved in the organisation of expert groups for the promotion of organic breeding (Bioverita, ECO-PB and IFOAM Seed Platform). Furthermore, FiBL participates in several European research consortia on the subject of organic breeding (LIVESEED, DIVERSIFOOD, ReMix, HealthyMinorCereals and BRESOV) and participatory cotton breeding in India (Seeding the Green Future).

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