Reports and Articles

How to implement the organic regulation to increase production & use of organic seed - policy recommendations for national and regional authorities (Matteo Petitti, Riccardo Bocci, Bram Moeskops, Alexandra Fuss and Monika Messmer | LIVESEED | Booklet | 2018)

Perspectives on European organic apple breeding and propagation under the frame of LIVESEED Project (Koutis Konstantinos, Francois Warlop, Nicolaus Bollinger et al. | LIVESEED | Contribution to 18th International Conference on Organic Fruit-Growing at Hohenheim, Germany | 2018)

Concepts and strategies of organic plant breeding in light of novel breeding techniques (Edwin Nuijten, Monika Messmer and Edith Lammerts van Bueren | Review article | 2017)

gzpk aktuell - Biodynamische Pflanzenzüchtung (GZPK - Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz | Annual report | 2017 | German)

Effects of soybean variety and Bradyrhizobium strains on yield, protein content and biological N fixation under cool growing conditions in Germany (Stéphanie Zimmer, Monika Messmer, Thorsten Haase et al. | Journal paper | 2016)

Comparison of quality parameters of wheat varieties with different breeding origin under organic and low-input conventional conditions (Marianna Rakszegi, Peter Miko, Franziska Löschenberger et al. | Journal paper | 2016)

Evaluation of grain legume cropping systems for animal fodder potential and impacts on subsequent wheat yield under less favourable soil conditions in organic agriculture in Luxembourg (Stéphanie Zimmer, Thorsten Haase, Hans-Peter Piepho et al. | Journal paper | 2016)

Luxembourgish farmers’ lack of information about grain legume cultivation (Stéphanie Zimmer, Ulf Liebe, Jean-Paul Didier and Jürgen Heß | Journal paper | 2015)

Liberating seeds with an Open Source Seed Licence (Johannes Kotschi and Klaus Rapf | AGRECOL | Working paper | 2016)

Liberating seeds with open source licenses (Johannes Kotschi and Lisa Minkmar | AGRECOL | Working paper | 2015)

Who pays for seeds? (Johannes Kotschi and Johannes Wirz | AGRECOL | Working paper | 2015)

Plant breeding techniques - an assessment for organic farming (Monika Messmer, Klaus-Peter Wilbois, Chris Baier et al. | FiBL | Dossier | 2015 | English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano)

Refining breeding methods for organic and low-input agriculture - analysis of an international winter wheat ring test (Almuth Elise Muellner, Fabio Mascher, David Schneider et al. | Journal paper | 2014)

Comparison of bread wheat varieties with different breeding origin under organic and low input management (Péter Mikó, Franziska Löschenberger, Jürg Hiltbrunner et al. | Journal paper | 2014)

Organic VCU testing - current status in 16 European countries (Tove Mariegaard Pedersen | Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, Denmark | Report | 2012)

The organic seed regulations framework in Europe – current status and recommendations for future development (Thomas F. Döring, Riccardo Bocci, Roger Hitchings et al. | Journal paper | 2012)

Breeding for organic agriculture - the example of winter wheat in Austria (Franziska Löschenberger, Andreas Fleck, Heinrich Grausgruber et al. | Journal paper | 2008)

Evolutionary wheat makes the grade (Kay Hinchsliffe and Sarah Clarke | Elm Farm Research Centre | 2006)

NIAB tracks health of organic cereal seed (Jane Thomas | NIAB | 2006)

Hybrid Varieties for Organic Cereals? Prospects and acceptance of hybrid breeding for organic production (Christine Arncken and Hansueli Dierauer | FiBL | Final Report of Coop Naturaplan Fund Organic Seed Project | 2005 | English, Deutsch)

Plant Breeding For Agricultural Diversity (S.L. Phillips and M.S. Wolfe | Elm Farm Research Centre | 2004)

Organic plant breeding and propagation - concepts and strategies (Edith Lammerts van Bueren | Wageningen University, the Netherlands | Louis Bolk institute, the Netherlands | Thesis | 2002 | summary, full version)

Fighting the Blight (Martin Wolfe | Elm Farm Research Centre | 2002)

Science, research and organic farming (Lawrence Woodward | Elm Farm Research Centre | 2001)

Plant Breeding Techniques - An evaluation for organic plant breeding (Eric Wyss, Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Marjolein Hulscher and Michel Haring | FiBL | Dossier | 2001 | English, Français, Dansk)

Results of first year of official VCU trials in the Netherlands with spring wheat (Aart Osman, Louis Bolk Insitute; Lubbert van den Brink, Lubbert van den Brink | Trial report | 2001)

Results of first year of onion variety trial in the Netherlands 2001-2004 (Edith Lammerts van Bueren and Rob van den Broek | Louis Bolk Institute | Trial report | 2001)

Sustainable organic plant breeding - a vision, choices, consequences and steps (Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Marjolein Hulscher, Michel Harin et al. | Louis Bolk Institute | Final report | 1999)