Books & booklets

Diversity and participatory research for organic agriculture. This presentation gives an overview on the issue of seeds in organic agriculture and how peasant seeds and participatory plant breeding approaches can be connected. 

  • Institution, Author: INRAE, Véronique Chable
  • Project: LIVESEED
  • Year: 2019
  • Language: English

Our heritage vegetables. This training manual provides information on the importance and use of traditional vegetable varieties in the Mediterranean diet. It describes both the performance traits and the uses of heritage vegetable varieties with a specific focus on organic and low-input agriculture. The training manual is addressed to students, farmers and advisors in Greece.

  • Institution, Author: AEGILOPS, ΦΩΤΙΟΣ ΜΠΛΕΤΣΟΣ
  • Project: LIVESEED
  • Year: 2016
  • Language: Greek
  • Crop: Vegetables

Technical guidelines for organic seed production. ITAB developed a series of booklets covering technical aspects for the seed production of various crops under organic conditions: cereals, forage crops, lucerne, red clover, carrot, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce and onion.

  • Institution: ITAB
  • Year: 2002-2008
  • Language: French