Discussion Papers

La Sélection Végétale Biologique - Document de position - 596 KB (French Translation of Position paper on organic plant breeding | ECO-PB, 2012) | by Stephanie Klaedtke and Frédéric Rey, ITAB, 2019

High number of patent applications for plants and animals - 364 KB | by E. Cuoco (IFOAM), M. Messmer (ECO-PB), P. Pesonen (Copa-Cogeca) and C. Then (No patents on seeds!), 2017

Position Paper Compatibility of Breeding Techniques in Organic Systems - 891 KB | IFOAM, 2017

Effects of soybean variety and Bradyrhizobium strains on yield, protein content and biological nitrogen fixation under cool growing conditions in Germany - 313 KB | by S. Zimmer, M. Messmer, T. Haase, H.-P. Piepho, A. Mindermann, H. Schulz, A. Habekuß, F. Ordon, K.-P. Wilbois and J. Heß, 2016

Comparison of quality parameters of wheat varieties with different breeding origin under organic and low-input conventional conditions - 1.06 MB | by M. Rakszegi, P. Miko, F. Löschenberger, J. Hiltbrunner, R. Aebi, S. Knapp, K. Tremmel-Bede, M. Megyeri, G. Kovacs, M. Molnar-Lang, G.Vida, L. Lang, Z. Bedo, 2016

Evaluation of grain legume cropping systems for animal fodder potential and impacts on subsequent wheat yield under less favourable soil conditions in organic agriculture in Luxembourg - 1.08 MB | by Stéphanie Zimmer, Thorsten Haase, Hans-Peter Piepho, Evelyne Stoll, Hanna Heidt, Torsten Bohn and Jürgen Heß, 2016

Luxembourgish farmers’ lack of information about grain legume cultivation - 509 KB | by Stéphanie Zimmer, Ulf Liebe, Jean-Paul Didier and Jürgen Heß, 2016

Position Paper Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms - 1.03 MB | IFOAM, 2016

Refining breeding methods for organic and low-input agriculture: analysis of an international winter wheat ring test - 537 KB | by A. E. Muellner, F. Mascher, D. Schneider, G. Ittu, I. Toncea, B. Rolland, F. Löschenberger, 2014

Comparison of bread wheat varieties with different breeding origin under organic and low input management  - 403 KB| by P. Miko, F. Löschenberger, J. Hiltbrunner, R. Aebi, M. Megyeri, G. Kovacs, M. Molnar-Lang, G. Vida, M. Rakszegi, 2014

ECO-PB Motion IFOAM GA 2014 on Cell Fusion - 230 KB | ECO-PB, 2014

ECO-PB Motion IFOAM GA 2014 on New Breeding Techniques - 128 KB | ECO-PB, 2014

Policy Letter on Seed and Plant Reproductive Material - 413 KB | IFOAM EU Group, 2013

Press Release MEPs Must Protect Public Good - 571 KB | IFOAM EU Group, 2013

Position Paper for the Revision of Organic Regulations - 108 KB | ECO-PB, 2013

Position Paper Towards More Crop Diversity - 474 KB | IFOAM EU Group, 2013

Position paper on organic plant breeding - 141 KB | ECO-PB, 2012

Position paper of organic breeders in Europe concerning the EU seed law revision process - 216 KB | ECO-PB, 2012

Position on the use of organic seed and plant propagation material in organic agriculture - 2.11 MB | IFOAM, 2011

Proposed EU regulatory framework - 389 KB | ECO-PB, 2009

Breeding for organic agriculture: the example of winter wheat in Austria - 302 KB | by F. Löschenberger, A. Fleck, H. Grausgruber, H. Hetzendorfer, G. Hof, J. Lafferty, M. Marn, A. Neumayer, G. Pfaffinger, J. Birschitzky, 2008

Declaration out of the ECO-PB/ITAB workshop "Strategies for a future without cell fusion techniques in varieties applied in Organic Farming" - 63 KB | ECO-PB, 2009

The reasons for rejecting genetic engineering by the organic movement - 52 KB | by Henk Verhoog, 2005

Protoplast fusion and organic farming - 26 KB | by Maaike Raaijmakers, 2004

Fighting the Blight - 57 KB | by Professor Martin Wolfe, 2002

In addition to Directive 98/95/EC - conservation varieties: some points of interest from an Organic Farming point of view - 93 KB | by Edith Lammerts van Bueren and Karl-Josef Müller, 2002

Short Report of the Results of the International Workshop on Organic Plant Breeding Techniques - 197 KB | by E. Lammerts van Bueren, K. P. Wilbois, L. Luttikholt, E. Wyss and L. Woodward, 2001

Ecological cereal breeding and genetic engineering - 88 KB | by Christine Karutz, 1999