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Carl Vollenweider

Forschung & Züchtung Dottenfelderhof

Carl Vollenweider is an organic and biodynamic breeder and co-team leader (together with Kathrin Buhmann) at "Forschung & Züchtung Dottenfelderhof". This leading organic crop breeding initiative from Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt a. M. is engaged in resistance and quality breeding for wheat, barley, maize, oats, rye and some vegetable species. The breeding research activities mainly focus on seed-borne diseases and heterogeneous cereal populations. Examples of released varieties include Aristaro, Curier, Graziaro and Thomaro in winter wheat, Almito in maize and Kaspero in oats. Carl Vollenweider mainly works with heterogeneous wheat and maize populations and common bunt of wheat (Tilletia caries).

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