7th European Workshop on Organic Seed Regulation

Brussels, 9th and 10th October 2013

Ellipsgebouw Building, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Sustainable Agricultural Development Division, Koning Albert II-laan 35, bus 16, 1030 Brussels

Aim of the meeting

The main aim of the meeting is to improve and harmonise the seed derogation policies and practices in the different European countries in order to increase the production and use of organically propagated seed and planting material.

During the meeting there will be an update regarding existing national policies and databases for organic seed availability and a discussion as to how these can be improved and harmonised on a European level. Participants from Southern and Eastern European countries are especially invited.

We welcome

  • Representatives from the National Ministries especially members from the Standing Committee on Organic Farming (SCOF);
  • Representatives from the EU Commission;
  • Advisors/scientists working in the area of organic variety testing, seed production or regulation;
  • Representatives from official control bodies/departments managing the derogation system;
  • Seed companies involved in organic seed production;
  • Farmers and growers.


The meeting is organised by the European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB) and hosted by the Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Sustainable Agricultural Development Division.

Organizing Committee

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Eco-PB Flyer

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